Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Ultrasound Technique Finds Flaws Hidden From the Naked Eye

Hall Spars have pioneered and developed expertise in the application of a medical-grade solution to the service of masts and booms; uncovering flaws that may escape the naked eye. The utilisation of ultra sounding enables technicians to find voids and wear in areas of high stress or delaminating from damage or impact. A visually striking understanding of a product and its current state is gained, interpreted and presented to a client. When service has been undertaken and completed, a further ultrasound test is undertaken to evidence that all flaws have been rectified leaving you ready to go further, faster, longer.

"With ultrasound testing technology we can accurately determine the structural integrity of any monolithic laminate with no destruction of the existing laminate" says Hall Spars head designer Matthew Stuart. "It also gives us the option to map out the composite spars before they leave the shop to give us a reference for any future inspections."

To find out more, email: m.stuart@hallspars.com

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